Rates Start at $50/Hour

Sound too high?
No company is too small to work with us. We can tailor our level of involvement to work with anyone, regardless of budget. Whether it’s just a few hours of consulting or fully building your brand and online presence, we’re confident we can help your business grow.

Sound too low?
Don’t let our prices fool you. Yes, our rates are lower than the industry average, but the quality of our work matches or exceeds the largest media companies in the area. We offer lower rates because our staff’s small size and versatility allows us to.

At the start of the project, we will meet with you to discuss everything you need. From there, we will give you a Project Estimate and a Max Cost, so you’ll never need to worry about the project going over budget.

Yes, We Travel!

We love to travel. That’s why we keep our rates low regardless of where your business is located. Clients have flown us to Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Chicago to save costs vs hiring local talent.

Our traveling rates (per person):
$50/hour ($300 daily minimum)
Full reimbursement of hotel, flight and ground transportation
$25/hour for travel time and prep
Meals and Incidentals: $50/day

But I Want a Flat Rate

We will give you one, but it will never be your best deal. Any time a media company gives you a flat rate, you can pretty much assume they’re giving you their max cost. We always track our hours, so if your project ends up taking less time than we initially estimated, you won’t end up paying for our miscalculation.


The entry-level packages below are based on the requests we get most often. Each package includes everything from the packages that proceeded it. We are ALWAYS willing to negotiate to fulfill your specific needs if they vary from the packages below.


2 Hours of Consultation:
Initial Consult + One Month Check Up

Jump Start

The Basics + New Website (of comparable complexity to this site)

Bare Necessities

New/Updated Logo, Letterhead, Social Media Strategy Consultation

Complete Package

The Jump Start + Headshots + Business Location Photo/Video Shoot. Up to 5 minutes of edited video content can be used for: brand video, testimonial, commercial, etc)


The Necessities + Business Card and 1 month of Social Media Management

Whole Enchilada

The Complete Package + Up to 20 minutes of edited video content + 2 additional months of Social Media Management


We run on 100% transparency. You can rest assured that we will clock out the second we check a personal email, get up to stretch, or go to the bathroom.

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