It’s a lot cheaper than you’d expect to grow your online brand.

Simply put, sharing valuable content (relevant to your company’s niche) not only shows your customers that you care about them – it makes them want to follow you.

Social media is inundated with advertisements and self-promotion. When you share valuable content that educates or inspires your customers it stands out, and they reward you with brand loyalty that far outlasts any traditional advertising campaign.

It only costs about $20 to get your content seen by 1000 people on Facebook, so if you’re sharing content that people are actually interested in, you can grow your brand exponentially for a small price. This low price point makes it easy for us to serve a wide range of businesses, because we can easily scale our level of involvement up or down at any time to match your budget or desired rate of growth. This means we can help a small business plan and promote one post a month, or be heavily involved on a daily basis for a larger client with higher demands.

An example of one of our larger clients is SGT Knots, the #1 online rope retailer. They wanted to position themselves as “The Rope Authority” so we created rope-related educational content, covering topics like knot-tying tutorials, paracord survival tips, DIY crafts, rope information guides and much more. The result is an average of 80k monthly visitors to their social media accounts and 100s of leads generated every week. You can view our work with them and our other clients below.

SGT Knots Social Media Samples

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