“Your brand” is the face of your company. It’s what people picture and relate to when they think of you. Despite its intangible nature, developing a strong brand is a time-tested way to increase your company’s commercial value. 

You can build your brand in a number of ways. How you go about it will have a lot to do with the specific brand you’re creating. For a small business, branding yourself can be as simple as designing a logo, writing a mission statement and connecting with your local community through on-brand events, donations, or volunteer efforts.

However, if you truly want to establish and build your brand, it should have an influence on everything your company does. This can extend to the language and look of your website, the personality and tone of your social media posts, or what your employees say when they answer the phone. Your brand may be heavily influenced by your life philosophy or simply revolve around what you offer your customers.

Aspire to Be at the Top of Your Industry?

You’ll want to present your company as the expert in all things related to your niche. The best way to do this is to create and promote original branded content. Youtube How-to’s, Pinterest tutorials, and blog posts on your website (with proper SEO optimization) can significantly increase your traffic and customer base. All while establishing your company as the go-to for anything related to your niche.

One client that takes advantage of our full range of our branding services is SGT Knots, the #1 online rope retailer. Over the past year, we’ve developed a series of informational rope tutorials across Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest. The result is over 75k monthly visitors to their social media accounts, which continue to drive 100s of leads to their website every week without spending a dime on advertising.

Social Media Samples for SGT Knots

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